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Bishop of Bethel United Church of Jesus Christ (Apostolic) Michael Lewis has made an impassioned plea for Jamaicans to expend more effort in protecting children while warning parents that in refusing to listen to their children they might unwittingly shield abusers.

“Children need our protection; every child has a right to be protected from violence, exploitation, and abuse. My heart pains me when I turn the pages of the newspaper or log online to see children [ages] seven, eight, nine, 10 being killed,” Lewis said Sunday during a special service to mark the 50th anniversary of Bethel United Basic School at the church’s 20 South Camp Road location in Kingston.

“My heart is moved when I read these gruesome stories; I wonder what kind of hearts these criminals have. But, the Bible did warn us that in the last days, the hearts of men will become desperately wicked — and if the hearts of men have become desperately wicked it means we have a responsibility to protect our children,” Lewis charged in his sermon premised on Psalm 127, which describes children as God’s heritage.

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