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As the Caribbean works on enhancing its productivity to reduce its high food import bill and ensure food security, President Dr. Irfaan Ali contended that the Region has a unique opportunity also to tap into world markets as a supplier.

He was at the time delivering the feature address at the opening of ‘Agro Fest’ on Friday evening in Bridgetown, Barbados, which is being held from May 28-29 under the theme: “Greening Together Ah Caribbean Thing”.

President Ali pointed out that the Guyana-Barbados Food Terminal initiative, which the two countries are developing as a means to address the hurdles of transportation and logistics in the Region, is not only aimed at helping the movement of products and reducing the cost of local produce but also provides the opportunity to access new markets.

“It is aimed at developing an important transshipment hub for food here in Barbados to move on to different hotel chains in other Caribbean islands and to move on to Miami. We must believe that we can do it. We must stop thinking narrowly that we cannot achieve these things… We’re setting bold targets. We are working on bold and innovative ideas. At the end of it, it is only bold thinking, bold initiatives, and pursuing those initiatives and ideas that would ensure we are successful,” he asserted.

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