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In Tobago, a 17-year-old pupil of Pentecostal Light and Life Foundation High School was yesterday debarred from sitting the CSEC mathematics exam after he threatened to return with a gun to the school compound and shoot up the school.

The pupil was ordered to leave the compound, and the police were later called.

A report has since been made to Tobago police.

The pupil attended school on Tuesday and threatened the exa­miner, which followed him sitting the CSEC English exam. It is alleged he behaved disrespectfully and was disruptive.

He was debarred from entering the school compound yesterday, based on his behavior and threats made to kill teachers that were made off the school compound.

The pupil’s mother said her son was upset. “So when I asked my son about that, he said he did not threaten anybody on the compound or anything like that,” said his mother.

“He said he was outside the compound. Yes, he said he was annoyed because he was looking forward to doing his exam.

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