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Dubai-based Range Developments Limited, which successfully delivered 2 CBI resorts in Saint Kitts and Dominica, has gone big on Grenada, simultaneously developing not one but 2 large, high-end, adjacent resorts: Sixth Senses, and Hyatt Intercontinental. Unlike at Levera and Mount Hartman, the land for these projects was acquired privately, not from Government. Range reports that US$40 million has been spent to date, which is very much in evidence.

La Sagesse occupies a treasured space within every Grenadian heart, a place of wild, untamed beauty. Two years ago, there was outrage among civil society, when Range Developments commenced ‘construction’, by bulldozing and filling in several acres of ecologically sensitive wetlands and mangroves, subsequently blamed on an ‘over-eager tractor driver’. All I can say is that the tractor driver must have taken a pretty look at the Master Plan because that’s exactly what he cut.

As any Grenadian will tell you: La Sagesse is a ‘kind of a place. Meaning: it’s beautiful – but different. If there’s one word that describes La Sagesse, it’s wind, lots of it. The entire East Coast is windy, and La Sagesse is windier than most: it comes roaring through the Bay, unhindered all the way from Africa. The kind of constant, in-your-face wind which, although nice at first, can quickly become a pain. It knocks over your drink, your book ends up in the pool, and you’ve got to tie everything down. Then you move inside, where it’s cool and calm, and you think: is this what I came to the Caribbean for, to stay inside?

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