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Despite the latest US level three travel advisory urging Americans to reconsider visiting Jamaica and listing eight of the country’s 14 parishes as areas to avoid, a key tourism stakeholder says Jamaica has a track record of being one of the safest destinations.

Jamaica’s record of visitor safety is still one of the highest in the world.

The tourism player, who is not authorized to speak publicly on the travel advisory so spoke to Loop News on condition of anonymity, added: “Less than one percent of the visitors who come here have had any infractions [against them].

“So, whereas we recognize that advisories are made from time to time in the interest of the destinations that make them, we have to continue to strive to make our destination top of mind to our visitors and to increase even our repeat business from the 42 percent to 50, 60 percent,” the tourism stakeholder argued.

Besides Jamaica’s recorded 42 percent repeat visitors, the stakeholder argued that the American market accounts for over 80 percent of overall arrivals.

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