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A message of love and hope that Susan Lalchan wrote more than a decade ago after her daughter Kelly Ann Seerattan went missing remains the same today.

That message read, “I do not know where you are. But I know that God has you safe in his arms. I miss you. I am always thinking of you. You will always be my child, mummy’s little girl. I love you.”

Lalchan wrote those words at the end of a video montage that she posted on YouTube.

The video is a compilation of pictures of the mother and daughter, doing usual things like flat-ironing each other’s hair, lying in each other’s arms on the living room couch, and taking selfies at the beach.

The next day when he went to return the child, Kelly Ann’s door was locked and she was not found.

The downstairs apartment that she occupied was ransacked, and the only items suspected of missing were her purse, identification card, cellphone, and a pair of earrings that her mother gave to her.

Nimchan had told police he last heard from her that Friday morning when she sent him a text telling him to enjoy the day with their daughter.

Nimchan made a missing-person report to the Princes Town police, and officers went to the apartment and also found that the door was locked.

There were no signs of a break-in.

Investigators were told neighbors had seen a strange black vehicle parked in front of the house the following morning on November 4, 2011.

Back then several reports were made by people who claimed they had seen Kelly Ann.

But investigators and family had to sift through calls from people who were spreading rumors and fake news from those who wanted to help.

Lalchan had said back then that someone had claimed they had information, under the condition that she send a $500 cellphone card.

Emotional distress

When the mother spoke to the Express three weeks ago, she said she has tried to disengage herself from the emotional distress and had accepted the loss of her daughter.

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