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President Dr Irfaan Ali says that as his government continues to support the South American trade block – MERCOSUR, Guyana will also bridge the gap between the continent and the Caribbean and function as a new  ‘energy pole’.

In his address to the 59th Summit of the regional body, the President added that Guyana supports MERCOSUR’s efforts to foster infrastructure, integration, and increase connectivity.

He said that the country would enhance development opportunities in the continent’s northern flank through collaborations and joint partnerships.

“Along with Brazil and Suriname, we hope to leverage our energy resources for energy security, agriculture and food security and to potentiate growth and development opportunities in the northern flank of South America.”

To start the process, the Head of State announced that there will be a summit between Guyana, Brazil and Suriname very early in the New Year to discuss the development of the Corentyne frontier, the logistic importance of a deep-water harbour and the energy corridor.

He said that Guyana is pleased to be associated with MERCOSUR, with a view to advancing its development and integrating into the “South American fraternity as part of our continental destiny”.

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