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On the heels of complaints filed by fisherfolk, the Regional Democratic Council (RDC) of Region Six (East Berbice-Corentyne) will be moving to clean out the Canje River, which is burdened in some parts with thick vegetation.

Regional Chairman David Armogan made the revelation during a recent address to the RDC, noting that an “aquatic weed harvester” will be contracted to undertake the job of removing weed from the river.

Fishermen who operate in the waterway along with other boat owners have complained of the damages they sustain as a result of the overgrown vegetation.

The fishers who operate from Rosignol recently complained about the improper disposal of grass which flows out of the Canje River and into the Berbice River, thus affecting their trade.

Several fishermen have vented their frustration, claiming that the grass, when cut, is left to flow into the river. As a result, the weed becomes entangled with their fishing gear, resulting in severe damage.

Contractors are employed by the Region Six administration to cut the grass from the shores of the Canje River twice per year in order to keep it clear.

If left unattended, the grass will cover the river, making it impossible to use it.
On many occasions, the river becomes blocked at some points. However, fishers who operate in the Berbice River say that the grass floating out has been costing them financially to replace damaged equipment.

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