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Between January and March of 2022, Guyana’s thriving rice industry raked in approximately US$37,022,500, an equivalent of more than GY$7.7 billion in export earnings, according to figures provided by the Ministry of Agriculture on Friday.

It was explained that these earnings derived from the exportation of approximately 49,304 tonnes of rice and rice products during the first quarter of 2022. Importantly, export revenues from rice are expected to grow even more, since many farmers across the country are still harvesting paddy from the year’s first rice crop, which commenced with countrywide sowing in November 2021.

At that time, the Guyana Rice Development Board (GRDB) had projected a bumber harvest, with most of the rice-producing regions being on target with their sowing. As a matter of fact, national sowing projections for the current crop were pegged at an overall target of 227,240 acres.

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