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After a break of several months triggered by the COVID- 19 pandemic, Mahalia’s Corner, the popular musical event organized by the band 2 Mile Hill, which had become synonymous over the years for showcasing a wide range of local vocal talent, as well as creatives from other arts, is back once again in a new format for a Christmas event called Mahalia’s Corner Christmas Special LIVE TV Show.

The special holiday event will air on CBC TV8 and other social media portals and will feature all of what locals have come to love about the creative event, from several musical performances, spoken word, and much more.

The producer for this show, Kris Clarke, described the absence of the event over the past 22 months as a “bit of a blow” to the group, who initially had planned on expanding the offerings for the show before the pandemic struck.

Despite the setbacks caused by the pandemic, however, Clarke stressed that this year’s show will be an uplifting and enjoyable experience for all, as the group brings the Corner to our screens.

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