Carifest 2016 happens on July 22 & 23. We're booking bands, seeking stage performers with a Caribbean flare, seeking food vendors with a Caribbean flavor, seeking performers who want to bring their Caribbean inspired acts to our stage and of course, we're raising funds to make it all happen. So if you love Carifest like we love Carifest, we'd love your support in any way shape or form. Send us a donation. Put together a Mas' band for the parade. Dance with us in the May Day Parade or the Aquatennial. Give us a call.



Help us raise funds on Give to the Max Day Nov. 12, 2015



Around town

Costumed Carifest revelers parade in May Day, Aquatennial, Tater Days & more.

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With so many people & such great music, it's always a good time.




The main event is a celebration on the Fourth weekend of July, every year. A Friday night dance party held at a (changing) event venue is the kickoff event. The next day, Saturday, features a festive atmosphere on the banks of the Mississippi River on West River Parkway with food vendors, performances, carnival costume parade, a variety of musical acts and a street dance with a Caribbean band.


happy food folks


Food vendors serve up a taste of mouth-watering Caribbean flavors with popular dishes including roti & curry, jerk chicken & ribs, fish & bread, rice & peas, channa, beef, chicken and vegetarian patties and so much more. A wide selection of non-alcoholic beverages & sno-cones with syrup & condensed milk are also usually available. If you would like to be a vendor at the next Carifest, look for information here:

Vendor Information


contact us

James Byron: 612-239-8384 or Email:

Charles Peterson: 612-590-8509 or Email:

Donna Rankin: 952-451-7920 or Email:

100 South 1st.St, P.O. Box 580481,

Minneapolis, MN 55458-0481

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The annual big Caribbean get together.

A variety of performers

Indian dancers, Capoeira, a snake dancer and African dance are among the diverse range of performers that have graced the Carifest stage over the years. Tell us how your group fits the bill.


Carifest is proud of consistently booking top Internationally known Caribbean musicians. Past performers include Dil-e-Nadaan, Byron Lee's Band, Guyana's Road-March winner, rubber-waist Jumo primo and the Supertones.

Everybody is here

It seems like the entire Caribbean Community is at Carifest. People who haven't seen each other for an entire year, come to hang out and meet-up at Carifest. It's the one event that brings the community together.

We need Money

Originally Carifest was a free event but it turns out that no one accepts "free" as payment for barricades, insurance, garbage collection & musicians. We charge just $5 for all this fun but in order to book popular musical acts, we're always seeking donations. Please help with a monthly donation.

We need Mas' bands

Caribbean Masquerade bands are a sight to behold along with the sound of happiness. We would like to see more people assembling their unique Mas' bands to join our parade.