Masquerade Parade

CARIFEST 2019 Festival — Saturday, July 27th

The 2019 theme for the masquerade parade will be announce soon.
The costumes below are available to individuals interested in “playing mas'”, or participating in the masquerade.

Individuals may also choose to participate in the t-shirt section. The t-shirt and materials for adornment will be provided at the festival. It will be yours to keep after the parade.

To join either section, contact, providing the following information: name, age, gender, shirt & pant/skirt size. Feel free to include a name of the preferred costume(s) – or fill out the form here.


Costume Policy

Costumes can be customized to personal “level of confidence,” by wearing body suits, tights and other basic garments. These must be either creatively coordinated to the costume colors or in solid black or white.

Costume pieces must be returned after the parade. Participants in the t-shirt section may keep their decorated shirts.

All participants are encouraged to donate at least $5 to the costume fund. This helps to offset costs of maintaining and creating costume pieces.

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Twin Cities Carifest brings Mas’ to Minnesota!

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