Free and Easy twins make history for Vive-La-Force Primary

When fraternal twins Rebekah and Rachel Joseph were both awarded a place at Queen’s College after writing the 2021 National Grade Six Assessment (NGSA), their achievement was celebrated all across the far-flung community of Free and Easy, where they live, and at the Vive La Force Primary where they attended school.

The twins’ achievement marked the first time that pupils from the Region Three community, and from the Vive-La-Force Primary School would have earned a place at the country’s premier secondary school.

Rebekah, an aspiring pediatrician, gained 516 marks and was also among the region’s top ten performers. Her twin, Rachel, an aspiring engineer, got a total of 512 marks, putting them both above the 510 cut-off mark for QC.

“It was exciting to the extreme when we heard that; I was excited to the point where I even got chest pain,” expressed Headteacher of the Vive-La-Force Primary, Gaitree Mathura-Smith.

“It’s history for the community; it’s history for the school. So, it was just a celebration all over; the community and the school, because we all know of the hardship of the community.”

Sharing her sentiments was Grade Six teacher Nichola Standford, who said: “They break the cycle for this school because our school has never gotten a school in Georgetown. They have now set a high standard for the others to come.”

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