Counting the costs of doubles

Doubles is a revered staple in Trinidad and Tobago, but would you pay $10 for it? This was the hot question last week following comments from the CEO of Maharaj Westside Supermarket, who drew criticism from the general public after he suggested the price of doubles should be increased to $10.

Doubles is one of the cheapest fast foods/street foods in Trinidad. Last week, however, Hassanali’s Green Shed in Debe increased the price of doubles from $5 to $6, which sparked outrage on various social media platforms.

While some have queried whether the price increase is warranted, the Express has given a breakdown on the cost of raw ingredients to make the tasty treat. Doubles come with optional pepper, tamarind sauce (or any sweet sauce made with mango or pommecythere), channa, and bara.

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