City on edge – Workers uneasy; evacuated from the affected area

“Why is this happening?”

These were the words of concerned mother Sandra Plaza as she stared at the cordoned-off areas of downtown Port of Spain yesterday following an explosion in the capital city which caused panic and sparked the evacuation of nearby workers.

Plaza told the Express that, minutes before, she had parked in the Parkade and left the building with her 11-year-old son to ‘pay some bills and purchase items in the city.

However, as she walked along Edward Street, she heard repeated explosions for about 15 seconds and then observed people walking hurriedly away from the scene.

At the time, she thought it may have been a shooting.

But upon returning to the area some 20 minutes later, the roadway had been cordoned off, and she was not able to access her vehicle as it was within the area.

She was told police had received intelligence that an explosive device may have been detonated, and she would need to wait until the Fire Service and the Bomb Squad Unit of the Police Service had searched the building and surrounding premises.

“Why is this happening? Why is it every few years we are having this? What is going on in this world? I still can’t believe it,” Plaza said.

Police said about 11.05 a.m. yesterday there was a loud explosion at the Government Plaza along Edward Street.

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