Youth encouraged to challenge the status quo

Young persons in Barbados have been encouraged to challenge the status quo on issues that affect them and to bring ideas to the table that could be implemented to build a better future.

Prime Minister Mia Amor Mottley, along with Secretary-General of the United Nations, António Guterres, shared inspirational messages as they pledged their commitment to empowering youth, during a FutureBarbados “Rapid Talk” session at Ilaro Court on Sunday.

Prime Minister Mottley stated: “Please continue to dare to dream, but always be determined to do, because it is the anchoring of both, that will bring progress…. Life is not only about success; it’s about pitfalls and support and resilience needed to get up.”

She continued by noting that she intends to give young people not only a voice at the table but will offer opportunities to turn their suggested solutions into action.

“I see myself just as your bridge and a bridge to be able to unlock opportunities.… I cannot leave this place, leading a government that does not unlock and unleash the potential of young people in our region and in our world,” Mottley emphasized.

Secretary-General Guterres pointed out: “My generation has failed; your generation cannot. And the first thing that is important is a transfer of power from my generation to your generation to be accelerated. It’s time for my generation to understand that you need not only to be able to be listened to, but you need to have a difference on the decisions that are taken and on the construction of the future.”

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