Letter: We are just putting an entire nation at risk

Let me begin by commending the Government of Guyana and the Minister of Health for their efforts thus far in managing the COVID-19 situation in Guyana. The Government has made available to all a variety of COVID vaccines and has managed to operationalize the Infectious Disease Hospital in a short space of time to assist in the fight against this pandemic.

Further, I would also like to commend the Government for the COVID Cash Grant. In these trying times, it’s refreshing to know you have a Government that cares.
With that said, I move on to the National COVID Task Force, the body which was given the power by the President to craft the policies and restrictions for us to follow during the time of this pandemic, and to plead my case with them.

I noticed that Private Sector Commission (PSC) and several businessmen and women, particularly those who operate bars, were the ones who petitioned the Task Force to allow for the reopening of businesses. Further, these bars owners even petitioned for the curfew to be moved from 6:00 pm to 10:30 pm. I was in support of this since these businesspeople had made a compelling argument that they would follow all protocols, and even made some suggestions of their own. Also, the loss of income was starting to impact communities and families.

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