Haitian Americans in Michigan protest U.S. policy on migrants at the border

Haitian Americans and supporters rallied in downtown Detroit on Sunday afternoon to express outrage over the treatment of Haitian migrants seeking asylum at the border and call upon the Biden administration to adopt a more fair policy toward them. 

Gathering at the Spirit of Detroit statue, speakers told the several dozens of people present that Black immigrants with roots in the Caribbean and Africa are often treated worse than others. Some waved the flag of Haiti and chanted in Creole and English calling for justice and support.

We “are outraged about the appalling treatment of the Haitians at the border,” said Hervé Leonard, a Haitian American advocate wearing a T-shirt that read “Haitian Lives Matter.” 

Advocates noted that it’s legal for people to seek asylum at the border and that Haitians should be given due process to make such claims.

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