T&T’s Nicki Minaj moment

Being thrust into the global spotlight by Trini-born rap superstar Nicki Minaj was entertaining until matters took an abrupt and threatening turn yesterday.

Having already got more than the usual ten minutes of priceless global fame, we can now accept that it is time for Ms. Minaj to get a grip and get low.

With her voice amplified by a phenomenal platform of 157 million followers on Instagram and 48.5 million on Facebook, Nicki Minaj’s claim that her cousin’s friend’s testicles got ­swollen after taking the Covid-19 vaccine had all the right ­ingredients of controversy and fuel needed to give her message stratospheric reach.

A few years ago, her statement would have sent T&T scrambling for any little opportunity to set the facts straight. This time, however, thanks to the global village of social media, the world has come knocking, seeking Nicki’s cousin, his friend, and the affected body parts. Talk-show host Jason Williams and Health Minister Terrence Deyalsingh got primetime play to respond and did so with a smart combination of facts and humor that blunted the seriousness of Ms. Minaj’s still-­unsubstantiated claim.

Yesterday, with many still enjoying the distraction from ­daily woe, Ms. Minaj returned to social media and gave new life to the bacchanal by picking a row with a journalist at Guardian Media Ltd.

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