2 Minnesota nonprofits team up to help Afghan refugees

It’s a room of plenty for those who have lost almost everything, except for their freedom.

“One thing that’s really important in welcoming refugees to Minnesota is making sure that they have their basic needs met,” said Kate Shermer, with Arrive Ministries.

Shermer says the group plans to help resettle up to 80 Afghan refugees by the end of the year. Some could arrive in Minnesota as early as the end of September.

The faith-based nonprofit, located in Richfield, is getting ready, stocking several rooms from floor to ceiling with thousands of donated items.

“We want to make sure they have beds, pillows, clothing, cooking utensils,” Shermer explained. “Everything they would need to just feel like this is a place they could call home.”

The refugees are among thousands fleeing from Afghanistan, which is now under Taliban control.

“So many are coming with just the clothes on their backs, and that’s crazy to think about them leaving everything behind,” said Shane O’Rourke, the CEO and founder of the nonprofit Lift Up.

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