Girls shine at SEA despite pandemic

Seven girls have topped the Secondary Entrance Assessment (SEA) examination, copping the first and second places and five tying for third place.

The top SEA pupil is Kirsten Ramsaran, 12, of Rousillac Presbyterian Primary School, who passed for Naparima Girls’ College.

The second place was achieved by Vineeta Kattamanchi of Maria Regina Grade school—a private school. She will be attending St Joseph’s Convent, Port of Spain.

1. Anya Sybella Ali—Specialist Learning Centre

The five pupils who tied for third place were:

2. Raveena Basdeo—Montrose Government

3. Sy’rai Joseph—Arima Girls’

4. Aishani Ramsewak—private candidate from St George East

5. Isharra Sookdeo—Clarke Rochard Government

The top male pupil is Tyler Ramroop, of El Dorado North Hindu School.

A total of 17 pupils were honored yesterday at a ceremony at the Education Ministry, St Vincent Street, Port of Spain, following the release of the SEA results.

These included two pupils with special needs, and seven pupils—one per educational district in Trinidad—who have excelled from schools that have been working hard to improve overall academic performance.

Each pupil was the recipient of free broadband-at-home services from Bmobile, along with a tablet device inclusive of a data SIM.

Ramsaran, the first-place winner told the media a balance of studying and school work helped her.

“Half I would be studying, and half I would be taking breaks. You can’t overwork, you always have to have some time for yourself,” she said.

She said the news of earning the top spot was “amazing”.

She shared the news first with her grandfather, a former teacher at the school who had helped her along.

Ramsaran, an only child, said she wants to be an attorney.

She said she spent time playing with her cousin who lives close by to relieve the stress of online school and SEA studies.

She said she prefers the online school, but returning to physical school will help her make new friends as she is now parting with her primary school friends of seven years.

Her mother, Anushka Goomansingh, thanked Rousillac Presbyterian for ensuring pupils are well-rounded.

“Every teacher from First Year all the way up believes in balance and that children should not have to go home and do hours of homework,” she said.

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