Eight-year-old student ‘accidentally’ wins $1 million from Digicel

WHAT started as a childlike mistake ended in a surprise million-dollar windfall for eight-year-old Abri, her mother Krystal and the rest of the family.

They were bowled over when the Grade Three student received a call from Digicel ‘Mek Wi Rich Togeddah’ live draw presenter, ZJ Sparks, last week announcing that Abri was Jamaica’s newest millionaire.

In recalling what led to the cash call, Krystal shared that Abri had dialled the *142# entry code in error while trying to renew her mobile data plan. The family was unaware that she had entered the promotion until they received the mind-blowing phone call.

Both were in high spirits when they arrived in Kingston to meet with Digicel representatives for the official handover of the $1 million.

“I was at home when Abri came to me saying that the number 619-5000 kept on calling her and that it was Digicel. When they called back and I spoke to the representative, I was genuinely confused because I did not remember entering the promotion. So I checked her call log, only to see that she had dialled 142. I realised that it must have happened one day when she impatiently decided to renew her data plan herself and called that number instead,” said Krystal.

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