Angry parent storms into elementary school and goes on an anti-mask rant

A Minnesota House of Representatives tweeted about an incident where a parent stormed into a Richfield elementary school to complain about masks. The incident happened on the first day of school Wednesday.

The incident, which Rep. Mike Howard from District 50A tweeted about, involved a man who refused to wear a facemask and attempted to get staff members to remove theirs during student drop-off Wednesday morning at Richfield STEM Elementary School. Howard said his son was in the class when it happened.

“This madness has to stop, as does the anti-science/anti-govt rhetoric fueling the rage,” Howard said in the tweet.

According to a spokesperson from Richfield Public Schools, the district is asking families and visitors to minimize their presence in school buildings. Everyone inside the buildings are asked to follow the district’s face-covering policy. 

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