Now is not the time to tempt fate to get COVID-19 – Gonsalves

On Friday, 3rd September, Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonslaves urged Vincentians to exhibit discipline over the weekend, including the Monday and Tuesday holidays.

Prime Minister Gonsalves on Friday stated that the two public holidays were granted as a substitution for Carnival Monday and Tuesday. Gonsalves urge citizens to stay indoors, and if they must be outside to avoid crowds as well as going to the beach.

“I know you want to blow off some steam, now is not the time to tempt fate to get COVID-19, especially given the variants going around like Delta, which is easily transmissible”.

The island, to date, has recorded three imported cases of the Delta variant, which have been controlled.

“There are cases of the delta variant in countries identified as homegrown, do not think we are immune to having a spike,” Gonsalves said.

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