Masquerade Costume Maintenance Donation

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   Traditionally, in the Caribbean, Masqueraders buy the costumes they wear in Carnival festivities. Although we would love to be able to do the same, we currently do not have the resources to sell any of the selection of costumes we have. Instead, we loan out the costumes to participants of our Masquerade. In addition to returning the costumes in fair condition, we ask that you to make a donation to help with the maintenance of these beautiful pieces. Consider how much the materials to repair and clean the costumes costs. For one costume alone that may be as much as $100. Your contribution of $20 would go a long way to keep them wearable and vibrant. However, every dollar helps to ensure that many people have an opportunity to participate in Carifest through masquerade.


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Thank You from Twin Cities Carifest!

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