You can donate anytime

Show your love on Nov 12
November 6, 2015
Plan with us
February 8, 2016

While Give-to-the-Max Day receives a lot of buzz, you can donate through GIveMn anytime during the year. Just go to their site and donate $20 or $25 or maybe a hundred or a a few hundred. No amount is too small (or too large), and all funds received will go towards expenses directly related to Carifest 2016. Donate here: GiveMnThere are no paid staff members and to date, all administrative costs are in-kind donations.

And speaking of in-kind donations, we welcome those. Businesses and individuals can donate in-kind goods and services, such as tents, airline tickets & hotel stays for performers, food and drinks for performers, storage spaces, transportation and anything else that fits the needs of the festival. So for example if you have miles for an airline ticket or points for a hotel, we’ll take those (if they’re transferable). On the other hand, if you have used clothing, we don’t take those because everyone usually comes to the festival already wearing clothes – for the most part.

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